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Owners: Managing a Single family home, Townhouse, or Condominium can be extremely difficult and time consuming.
Not only do you have to keep up with building maintenance, you also have to handle work order requests from tenants
at all hours of the day. For some, even finding quality tenants that won’t ruin your investment can be a hassle. Let us
take on the burden and stress, so that you can spend time doing the things you really want.
Tenants: For those looking to rent, I’m sure that in one way or the other you’ve had instances where maybe your sink was
constantly leaking, or your basement constantly floods and your landlord refuses to do anything about it. Maybe you’ve
had a rodent or bug problem that your landlord simply ignores or holds you accountable for. 90% of the time the main
issue that causes tenant dissatisfaction comes from maintenance issues. Here at KS Property Management, LLC we
always put our tenants first. Hospitality is our priority and we do everything we can to go above and beyond for our
tenants. So if you’re looking for a great place to live or are not impressed with your current living situation look no


Here at KS Property Management we offer a variety of services:

Complete Leasing Services

KS specializes in tenant placement and we do everything we can to ensure your property will be leased in less than three weeks from the time the management agreement is signed. We also work very closely with the Baltimore Housing Authority and are very familiar with they’re various programs. Throughout the years we have cultivated many great relationships with not only our tenants but a number of relocation specialists. This means that not only do many of our tenants offer countless referrals, we also get calls daily from Baltimore housing agents inquiring about available properties we offer.

Lead Certification

In order to maintain compliance with the Maryland Department of the Environment, all properties require an up to date lead inspection certification. We have licensed professionals working very closely with us who would be more than happy to conduct inspections at a very competitive rate. If there are repairs that are required to obtain certification, we will help you every step along the way until certification is obtained.

Property Registration

All properties need to have an up to date registration that allows the unit to serve as s rental property. KS works very closely with a multitude of home inspectors and we can assist you with this process for a low cost fee. We will also ensure that every year your registrations are kept up to date to save you from the burden and stress this process can bring.

Quarterly Walkthrough

Every quarter we do walkthroughs of your property to ensure tenants are maintaining your property and not causing damage to your investment. We also like our tenants to maintain a high level of cleanliness to prevent the infiltration of rodents and insects. If requested we will take pictures and provide documentation of the status of the home.

Rent Collection

Here at KS, we truly value the friendships and relationships we have with our tenants. However, we take a very professional standing when it comes to collecting our rent. We also use very advanced software to ensure ledger accuracy and we can provide you with monthly statements if requested. For convenience our tenants are given a list of a variety of different ways that rent can be paid. Rent is then paid to our owners directly via online direct deposit.

Evictions & Rent Court

Our goal is always to have all of our tenants to have a happy stay with us and we work with our tenants to make sure that they are always satisfied. However, we do expect rent to always be paid on time. Rent is considered late after the 5th of the month. At that point, regardless of situation or excuse we will then have no choice but to begin legal proceedings. During this process we give a courtesy call to notify the tenant and find solutions so that rent can be paid. If rent remains unpaid we begin the eviction process from beginning to end. This includes removal of belongs and junk that may remain in the home.


KS Property Management, LLC prides itself on handling all requests with haste as we always want our tenants to be satisfied and happy within their homes. Our professional and friendly staff of contractors work around the clock to make sure that your property is maintained and that your tenants remain satisfied. We can handle multitude of repairs including, roofing, plumbing, sewer, HVAC, electrical, drywall, window, basement and tile.


No one wants to live in a home that is infested with rodents and insects, we have partnerships with some of the best pest control companies in Maryland and we will get your property treated at a very competitive rate whenever it is needed.


Testimonial from our client

"I am highly satisfied with the property management staff and services at KS Property. Their professionalism and effective communication reassures me that my property is in the right hands!"

- Jeremy B.

Testimonial from our client

"I have worked with a lot of property management companies and truly believe KS takes care of my house better than any others. Its high level of responsiveness and attention to detail are incredible."

- Aaron W. 


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